Epistle, means...

Epistle means a note, message, letter, correspondence that is Christ centered, to sharpen our focus on our relationship with God.

I was struck with an idea to deliver a message, a Christ centered note, that will speak to someone who needs encouragement, strength, truth and to know that they are never alone in their circumstances.  God's Word is full of powerful verses; I have chosen only a few for each candle.

Our 9 oz candles have labels that include verses and a short note.  Our 3 oz candles contain only the verses.

My hope is that you find a note that speaks to you or someone you know.  That you use the candle to start an overdue conversation or for encouragement through a season or maybe the note will inspire you to move in your own story.

Prayed-over, Blessed.  What does that mean?  It means we truly pray for each message we write.

Posted in our journal is a description of each label to help you understand the verses, note and meaning.  We will continue to update our messages as we move on this journey to bring you Epistle Candles.

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