Prayer is just so incredible.  Prayer is just a conversation, just conversing with someone you know is amazing and will never hurt your feelings or say bad stuff back and will always listen.  Why wouldn't you pray?

Prayer is us spending time talking to our heavenly Father.  Start by thanking God for anything...Jesus, family, friends, health, the car that gets you to work and back, your bed, the roof over your head, pets, stuff that we take for granted, this is the stuff that I think is so important for us to thank God for.  Thank Him for the struggles.  Thank him for anything.

Pray for forgiveness, for all those actions, words, addictions that are sinful, hurtful.

Finally, ask for help or talk through a situation or struggle.  Pray for others.

The wonderful thing about prayer is that God wants to hear from you.  Anything.  Everything.  The good stuff.  The sad stuff.  The big stuff.  The little stuff.  All of it.

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